Server Rules Vanilla English


Rust is a game – therefore you should be able to lose, only winning doesn’t work here.

Note: Don’t be an idiot – if a server team member tells you that you are doing something wrong, you are doing something wrong!

On our „Lalaland Rust Server“ you play against the other players in short PVP.

On this server there is therefore the possibility to steal other players‘ belongings by raiding. This makes the gaming experience a little more varied than pure PVE.B

By entering the Lalaland server, every player agrees to the following server rules. Disregarding them will result in punishment.

1.0 Group sizes

Only a maximum of 4 (four) players may act together on the Lalaland server. This means that you are only allowed a maximum of 4 (four) players in one base. Furthermore, no raid, counter raid, joint farming or other activities with more than 4 (four) players are allowed.

1.1 Group sizes Additional EXPANSION

In a group, team members may be swapped, but not more than 3 times per wipe cycle. Constant changing of team members to avoid a rule violation with intent in some situations is also punished.

1.2 Group sizes addition ALLIANCE

Alliances are allowed on the server, but this does not mean that a raid or anything else can take place over 4 (four) members. See rule no. 1.0 Group size

2.0 Communication in chat

In our chat we do not tolerate some things like spamming, capslock, advertising, insults, racism, national socialist or sexual content or other things. Should a rule violation take place here we will punish this consistently!

2.1 Communication in the chat addition CHAT LANGUAGE

Only German or English is spoken and written on our server.

3.0 Game Exploits

Griefing, hacking, bugusing or other actions that give a certain player an advantage are not allowed on our server.

4.0 Base building

A Foundation Wipe at bases is prohibited, except for heli towers.

4.1 Base Building Additional Monuments

On the Lalaland server it is allowed to save monuments or quarries for production, but it is not allowed to convert the „save“ to a base. A building is given the name „Base“ as soon as people visibly live in it. (Workbench, ovens, loo rooms, etc.)

4.2 Building a base Additional transfer

A Base may not be given away or taken over. A door to protect against Counter Raiders may be locked for the duration of the Raid. (Griefing)

5.0 Lalaland Shop items

In our Lalaland Shop, freely accessible items such as campfires, stoves, boxes or other items may not be raided.

5.1 Lalaland Shop PvP

In the Shop Safe Zone and about 50m around the shop it is not allowed to hurt other players. (PvP is strictly prohibited in this zone)

6.0 Losses due to third party negligence

If the server crashes or you lose your stuff due to a bug, it will not be replaced by the server team.

7.0 Behavior towards Server Team members

If you want to be treated fairly and equitably by the server team, then you should also behave towards the team in a respectful manner.

8.0 Note

We can expect a certain degree of decency and behaviour from every player. For this reason, the team will not intervene for every minor offence.

Each player must be able to decide for himself whether the play behaviour he brings across is portable on an online server. If this is not the case, the player has to expect measures in case of violations.

Code of honour

1.0 Code of honour (no rules)

The code of honour does not set rules but a guideline for the player.

1.1 Code of Honour for newcomers

Have a little consideration for newcomers. Not every naked player is new to the game and unarmed, but if an unclothed player runs away, he doesn’t necessarily have to be shot from behind.

1.2 Code of Ethics Raiding

During a raid, not everything has to be completely destroyed or stolen, especially for new players.

Give beginners a chance and be fair.